Sunday, March 21, 2010

Facebook Delusions

Do you have that one Facebook "friend" who is so self-centered and delusional that you just want to come through your computer screen, pop out in their living room and smack them every time they update their status? No? Well, I do.

This particular "friend" makes a post at least three times a week complaining about how fat they are. How they can't lose a pound. Nothing fits. They can only eat "794 calories per day"..........Only this person is actually about 5'3" and maybe weighs 120 pounds.

It takes everything I have not to go off whenever I read one of these posts!

A) Get a mirror.
B) Get over yourself.
c) Stop fishing for compliments.


cfreiner said...

Guess she doesn't read your blog? Or was that the point? :)

Chelle said...

Totally get it. I'm pretty sure I can't stand 97% of my "friends" on facebook...

But, you honey? I heart you & love you all the time!