Monday, November 02, 2009

The Little Things

Sometimes I need to acknowledge just how lucky I am to have Maverick in my life. I love him, and he knows that, but as far as significant others go, I don't think he's aware that I'm pretty sure I won uber lottery when I (somehow) landed him.

He would do anything for me. His spends so much of his time making sure that I am happy. When I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and he walks by on his way to the kitchen to get a drink, not only does he ask every single time if I'd like something too, but eight times out of ten he stops and gives me a quick unsolicited kiss as he passes by. He helps me perform the household chores without being asked. He puts his hand on the small of my back to lead me through a crowd. He grabs me by the back of my shirt and pulls me to a stop when I'm not paying attention and about to get hit by a car in the Wally World parking lot. He lets me be in charge of the remote control. He sends me alerts to big shoe sales of my absolute favorite brand, even though he hates how many pairs of shoes I already own. He holds me and lets me cry when I'm sad, or when I'm crying simply because I dropped the can of green beans I just opened all over the kitchen floor. He even anticipates my needs before I do.

Picture it:

Hera and Maverick's apartment on a fall Sunday morning circa 2009.

Both are tired and hungry, but too lazy to cook or to get dressed to go to a restaurant. Maverick offers to run out and bring home some breakfast for them. Hera says she's "not really that hungry and would just like an order of hash browns".

Maverick returns with the yummy breakfast. Hera enjoys the hash browns immensely, but finds herself still a little hungry once they're all gone. She sits, not saying anything, just thinking, "hm, I should have had him get something else".

Maverick nonchalantly looks at her and says, "you're still hungry, huh?".


Maverick answers, "I thought that might happen", and hands her a breakfast burrito from the bag of food. "So I got you this, too".

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The Wilsons said...

Hahaha....I'm kidding......very sweet...and so nice of you to put it in writing...those little things need to be said everyone once in awhile.